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Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying to Keep Up

Everything is starting to happen quickly now. The car was delivered last night and they asked if I wanted to take it out with them to make sure it was okay. It was pouring rain with lightening and thunder and rush hour traffic-no thank you. I had my first driving experience in Singapore this morning, taking Bob to work-good news we both survived it! Luckily he had been commuting by taxi so at least knew the way. I was on my own for the commute back home, but I sat in the parking lot and got the GPS to work and was on my way. The hardest part is that the turn signal and windshield wipers are on opposite sides of the steering wheel from what we are used to. Nothing liking showing what a newbie you are by running the windshield wipers when it isn't raining.

Key set
I also picked up the keys to our new apartment this morning. I can't imagine how we will need so many keys, especially since we have a key card that lets us into the elevator and the door only opens into our apartment. The landlord is Australian Chinese and very nice, even gave us an lovely orchid as a house warming gift. Our agent said in the five years he has been doing this he's never seen them give a gift before. Our furniture should be arriving late next week, the boat has been delayed but hopefully not attacked by pirates. They mostly seem to be going after oil tankers in this area. Our apartment is brand new and only a few people have moved into the complex. The kitchen comes with a dishwasher-a luxury in Singapore, a wine chiller and a washer/dryer. The stove is interesting, it is a combination of two electric halogen burners and two gas burners, all the bases covered. Too bad I'm not much of a chef, but I do get a complimentary in home demonstration and a cooking class from the manufacturer.
View from the balcony

Living/Dining room

There is a 50m pool as well as a gym and BBQ area. I think we will manage to stay busy just in our own little complex. The buildings across the way look the same as ours do and are part of the same complex.

More on the bomb shelter/maid's quarters when I get some new pictures.

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