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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Laundry

I was so excited to move into the new apartment over the weekend and to have a brand new washer and dryer, complete with instructions. Being the anal type I read the directions and tried to figure out what 5 kg of laundry might look like and loaded it into the machine. I picked from the myriad of setting choices including spin speeds ranging from 200-600 and pushed start. Water was dispensed and bubbles were visible in the window, all good signs. After an hour and a half it was still washing away; these better be some really clean clothes. It finally finished after almost two hours. I went to load the clothes into the dryer, which is on top of the washer but not connected, only to find myself awash in water. The laundry room floor was an inch deep and it was headed out the back door. Luckily they have drains everywhere here so it didn't go into the kitchen. I went ahead and put the clothes in the dryer hoping the water would just disappear. At least the drying only takes an hour, but I still had a floor covered in water. So much for getting laundry done, it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me. The workmen onsite came over on Monday morning and discovered the drain was blocked. They spent all day hammering/drilling/chiseling trying to create an opening to no avail. The manager came over several times to look in the hole; I'm not convinced they ever actually put a drain in there. As we are the first to move in this section they checked the other units-yep its all blocked. They fixed me up with a taped section of housing that drapes through the kitchen to the back bathroom drain, so at least I can get some clothes washed. They'll be back to try again from the floor below us to see what they can find. The good news is the rest of the move went smoothly and it is so great to have someone else bring everything in and unpack it. I only had to figure out where to put everything. I've been shopping on craigslist and eBay to pick up some additional furniture, you get to meet some new people and see other areas. Luckily I have a GPS and iPhone or I'd never figure out how to get to these places. We have a Honda CR-V, so I can fit quite a bit in the back, which makes furniture shopping easier than trying to get the TV home in the back of a taxi.

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  1. Joan, ugh...a temp drain going thru your kitchen to the bathroom? Condolences & Sending wishes for speedy reconstruction and drain changes. Your bike ride looked like so much fun, by the way, Lydia