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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So the good news is we have a washer and dryer in the temporary apartment; bad news is I have no idea what all these little symbols mean. I managed to fit about half a normal load into the washer and poured a little bit of powder into the slide out drawer. Detergent comes in a bag with directions on how much of a scoop to use, but no scoop-was I supposed to buy that somewhere else? Found a power button-the light comes on, and turned one dial to 60 degrees C, sounds reasonable for washing clothes. Since the pink area of the dial seemed to have a picture of a cotton bud, I turned it to that section and viola, water and suds! After checking on it several times we seemed to be making progress, but it still took 2 hours for just half a load. The drying was more straight forward, select a time-60 minutes and push the start button. At least the clothes are dry and not too many wrinkles, but this will be an all day project to get a couple of loads done.

The laundry room is on the back porch, next to the maid's room. Sadly, the furnished apartment doesn't come furnished with a maid. It is interesting that this area is next to the kitchen and none of it has A/C. There is a door to the kitchen to close it off from the rest of the apartment and needless to say I haven't ventured into it much. We are having cereal for breakfast; cheese, crackers, yogurt and fruit for lunch and going out for dinner. I'll be ready to brave the kitchen in the new apartment where it seems to be more a part of the living space, although it too has doors to shut it off if needed.

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