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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cooking continued

I'm still working on how to cook over here. Between the temperature conversion; Celsius is great for chemistry, but I cook in Fahrenheit, and the controls, I'm at a loss for what to do. Luckily the appliance manufacturer, De Dietrich offers once a month cooking classes for owners. I attended my first class on Saturday and a local restaurant chef, Jeremy Choo was our instructor. The showroom has a demo kitchen and eight of us watched Jeremy and his 10 year old son and helper make Caesar Salad, John Dory (fish) with vegetable sauce and chocolate sponge cake with green tea mouse. He made it all look so easy, but the best part (besides getting to eat all of this) was he gave me more information on how to use the oven and the inductive burners. This is what the controls on my oven look like
The instruction manual tells me what each of the settings is, like top heater, or economical setting, but not what you would use it for. It does mention Ecco is good for poultry and the one with the loaf of bread next to it is good for bread-like I'm going to be baking much bread over here! The rest are your choice of a heated fan with or without heat from above and below, medium and low grilling, rotisserie and warming. With my new knowledge from Chef Jeremy I've been able to roast vegetables and grill beef skewers so far-progress. The inductive burners are great for doing sauces and searing meat or fish. They heat up very quickly, but you can turn them off just as quickly. Its more getting the feel with where to start; the choices are 1-15 and how much to turn it down when it gets too hot. After the class I stayed a bit to ask questions and Chef Jeremy gave me a packet of supposedly easy recipes and tips on using the oven as well as some left over cake to give to Bob. He keeps hoping we'll have it for dessert every night; it was delicious. All of these dishes only took an hour and a half to make, which probably translates to three hours for me; but they weren't complicated and tasted great.
John Dory with roasted carrots and vegetable sauce
Chocolate sponge cake with green tea mouse filling. Chef's son watching in horror as he was sure his dad was going to make a mess of cutting it.
The three of us after the class, I'm a giant over here!

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  1. You are a giant!! Glad you are figuring out how to cook! Hey, I want to get a next year visit on the calendar - -what about third week in March or the third week in April?