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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Singapore

After a lovely three weeks in California, I'm back home in Singapore, at least for a few moments. It was great to see friends and family again and I got to do a few new things as well. Helping Rob and Cindy celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in Yosemite was a highlight. I'd forgotten how majestic the park is and we had beautiful views and waterfalls that are so rare in October. We did the hike from the valley floor to Glacier Point and back and I was pleased that I can still do hills after the flatlands of Singapore. I was also able to join the Los Gatos Biker Babes on their ride down Hwy. 1 from Santa Cruz to Cambria to celebrate Gayle's birthday.
Here we are starting out from Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect; clear and warm with amazing views along the coast. I even surprised myself and made it up the hills which was more than I expected to be able to do with the lack of training. It was great fun to connect with the group again and perfect timing to end up down in San Luis Obispo in time for Homecoming celebrations there and to see Cameron. She's all moved into her house and I enjoyed seeing old roommates and meeting the new ones.

Coming back into Singapore actually felt like home this time and either the weather is getting cooler or I'm getting more used to it. The orchid that our landlady gave us in April is flowering again-a real surprise for me as I usually manage to kill any green plant within a few weeks. To keep this one alive and actually have it flower again is a shock.
I'm off to Bhutan via Bangkok this afternoon; hoping the airport stays open with all the flooding they are having there. I'll be back in two weeks and will post pictures and stories when I return.

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