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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tango in Singapore

Who would have ever guessed they have a tango group in Singapore? They are mostly Chinese, but enjoy learning the dances and the music. The group was performing in the Botanical Garden here in Singapore on a Sunday evening. A lovely setting with a covered stage in the middle of a lily pad filled pond surrounded by lawn and trees. We packed a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine, along with some chairs and headed out. It wasn't raining and the trees provided shade making it bearable to sit outside. They had classical music playing while we ate our picnic and then the dancers performed several numbers. Buenos Aires has nothing to worry about, but it was a very nice evening to be outside eating and drinking. You know me, any excuse for a glass of wine! They had a good turnout of all different age groups, more young children than I would have expected, but they seemed to enjoy watching the show and being able to run around at the same time.
Bob at the picnic site with the Gardens in the background

The stage and pond in the background

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