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Friday, July 1, 2011

Father's Day in Singapore

Bob at our lunch spot
They celebrate Father's Day in Singapore, same day as the US, but it's mostly about eating here. That's not surprising given that most everything here in Singapore is about eating; I've no idea how they stay so skinny!

Bob and I decided to explore a new bike path along the East Coast Parkway, a parklike setting along the beach. Families were out in force with kids on bikes, trikes, razors (remember those?) and roller blades. They have a bike/roller blade path and a walking path, although no one seems to pay attention to which path they are supposed to be on. For being so into rules here, somehow they are very selective about which ones pertain to them.

The weather was great, slightly cloudy with a few sprinkles which keeps it from being unbearably hot. The families set up BBQ and small tents; I can't tell whether they are to escape the sun or the rain, but I think either way they would be like sitting in a sauna. The ride goes along the coast and then along the airport. The runway seems to go on forever... We stopped along the coast at a cute spot for lunch, they were handing out coupons for free soda on the bike path and that seemed like a good excuse to stop for a break that turned into lunch (again, it's all about the eating). Finally at the end of the airport there is another park with more families and lots of fishing. At this point we could either turn around and go back the way we came, or continue on more inland along the park connector network. We opted for the adventurous route, which was a mistake. Not only did you have to pay attention to lots more turns and crossings; it was way hotter inland as well. We learned our lesson on that ride and will stick to the coast when possible. It seemed forever to get back to the car and all told we did 60 km, which doesn't sound like much given that it is completely flat, but it felt like a lot and Bob was yet again convinced I'm trying to do him in. Happy Father's Day!
Note all the tents in the background and in the distance are all the ships lined up to get into port

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